Fifteen Years

It was fifteen years ago today that my dear brother started this blog. Fifteen years. That's quite a bit of time.

That has brought about over 5300 posts, between here at Blogger and two other hosts when we used Moveable Type as our blogging platform. We covered everything from war, politics, plain damnfoolishness, insanity, climate change, elections, mostly true stories, tragedies and triumphs, peeks into small town life, things profound, things simple, movies, music, books, births, deaths, pets, travel, philosophy, "what if" scenarios, the media, the East Coast, the West Coast, everything in between or so-called "Flyover country", guns, fascism, political correctness, science, pseudoscience, liars, thieves, con artists, 'true' believers, good people, bad people, outright effin' evil people, and a whole host of topics that I could go on and on about for pages and hours on end. In any case, you get the picture.

In all that time the world has changed, as has our country. Some changes have been for the good. Too many changes have been anything but good. We've seen groups of our fellow citizens deluded into thinking that everything is our fault. We've seen others work to prove them wrong. We've had political leaders who thought they didn't need to follow the rules because they knew they were better than us because they were smarter than the rest of us, then they found out they were wrong. We've seen attacks on freedom of speech all in the name of "tolerance". We've watched as government sanctioned kangaroo courts stripped college students of their rights all in the name of "fairness". We've watched as people were shouted down as racists by people who were indeed the "racists in the room".

But many of us haven't given up hope. It's one of the reasons this blog still exists. And while I haven't been as prolific in posting as I once was because life intruded, I still post. I still offer my opinions. I still try to point out things that are both wrong and right about my home state and my country.

Here's to another fifteen years.