Thoughts On A Sunday

We survived yet another fading gasp of Old Man Winter, receiving 6 inches of snow on Friday. Much of that snow is already gone. With temps predicted to be in the 50's most of the week I expect we'll see quite a bit more of the snow remaining from the Nor'easter we had over a week ago to diminish as well.

One advantage of the extended warmer temps is less reliance on the Official Weekend Pundit Woodstove to keep The Manse toasty warm. Our most recent propane delivery this past Thursday was only 104 gallons. That covered over 9 week's worth of propane use for heating, hot water, and the clothes dryer, even through some bitterly cold temperatures. At the end of the heating season I expect we'll still have close to one cord of wood left.


With the failure of the Ryan Bill to repeal Obamacare, it appears that which is old is new again. In this case a replica of a repeal bill that passed in 2015 and was vetoed by President Obama sits in committee and may be fast-tracked for a floor vote.

There was heavy support for the 2015 bill, but unfortunately not enough votes to override Obama's veto.

Maybe the third time for repeal will be the charm.


This bears repeating again and again: Venezuela used to be the richest nations in South America. Now it is the poorest. What's worse is that it was done to the Venezuelan people on purpose.

See what happens when those in power ignore both history and Ayn Rand's warnings?

What's making it even worse is that they government has stepped up punishing the very few who are still capable of feeding the hungry citizens.

That will turn out well.


What happens when a bunch of anti-Trump protesters make the mistake of pepper spraying some Trump supporters at a pro-Trump rally?

They get their asses kicked, and rightfully so.

These wannabe fascists are used to facing people who won't fight back, so they're surprised when their intended victims “punch back twice as hard.”

Like Glenn Reynolds, I expect to see less of these types of tactics if the Progressive protesters consistently get their heads handed to them.


“If there is no God, then murder isn't wrong.”

Some of the more lunatic Progressives might actually believe that...until someone decides to test their belief by trying to murder them.

Here's Dennis Prager's take on the issue:

What “sounds good on paper” rarely works that way in real life. It's time the Progressives/Socialists/Communists/Anarchists come to realize that as there are more than a few examples in history. Then again, they tend to ignore history, particularly history that refuses to back up their ideology.

(H/T GraniteGrok)


As if no one saw this one coming.

A new Rasmussen poll shows that only 35 percent of those likely US voters polled favor living in a so-called “sanctuary city”.

Apparently the other 65% understand the major downsides to living in such cities and want nothing to do with it.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where warmer weather is returning, dreams of boating have returned, and where the woodpile is shrinking at a much slower pace.