Thoughts On A Sunday

The latest snowfall ended before sunrise, leaving behind about 4 inches of snow. At least this time there were no below zero temps following it, at least not immediately. The lows for tomorrow morning will be below zero, so we'll be back into arctic air for the next few days.

The warm temps today made it easier to clean part of the driveway down to the pavement, meaning it will be unlikely we'll have to deal with ice come morning, something that is always problematic for us, making it difficult to get out considering the driveway has a pretty steep slope.


I find it interesting that the Democart-Operatives-With-Bylines, i.e. the MSM, have been trying to twist the battle of words between Rudi Giuliani and Barack Obama into a litmus test for potential GOP presidential candidates. Their first target was Scott Walker, slamming him for not commenting upon the kerfuffle, stating that he has “remained silent” about it, but in truth informing the MSM that “The mayor can speak for himself,” he said on CNBC the next morning. “I’m not going to comment on what the president thinks or not. He can speak for himself as well.”

As far as the MSM is concerned, that is confirmation that Walker agrees with Rudi. All we have to do is remember is that's how the MSM works and their bleating about it becomes meaningless noise.


It's scary to think that over 40% of Democrats polled think it's perfectly OK for their messiah to be able ignore the courts and the laws and do what he wants. That's more than scary. That's how dictators rule. So now we know that those 40%+ Democrats are really totalitarians because they do not believe in the rule of law.

Who says the communists didn't win the Cold War? They just moved across the ocean and infected the Democrat Party.


I've always thought the push for multiculturalism was a crock, a false flag means of balkanizing any nation. It turns out I was right, just as Europe is finding out the hard way. The Progressives keep pushing diversity, but America has had it for over 200 years. Then again, their definition of diversity has no relation to reality, but that hasn't stopped them for pushing it for all its worth. After all, how else can they take over our society unless the create cultural rifts and then offer to 'fix' them?


As an offshoot of the above, the push by Progressives to kill off freedom of speech on college campuses continues, though not without increasing pushback.

Rather than using the usual excuses for limiting freedom of speech, the Progs say they are trying to shield the perpetually offended weaklings from speech they consider offensive, which these days means anything they disagree with.

Call this yet another step towards a Progressive totalitarian state.


David Starr explains the difference between real jobs and government jobs.

It all comes down to this: One creates wealth and expands the economy. The other doesn't.


Are we on the verge of being able to create Rearden Metal? If this new technology for producing metals proves out, the answer is yes.


First, it was the so-called “Red Scare”.

Then it was the day-care sex scandal that sent an untold number of people to prison for acts that never happened.

Today it's the campus sexual assault 'epidemic' being used as the basis for yet another witch hunt and the violation of the civil rights of anyone accused of such an act, specifically male someones. How many people will be adversely affected by this new panic, with lives and future careers ruined all on the basis of a ruling by a government sanctioned kangaroo court? How many lawsuits will be filed by students sanctioned by these kangaroo courts, and how many millions will the colleges end up having to pay in damages?

(A note: The Red Scare, though over the top, had its basis in truth. After the fall of the Soviet Union large numbers of KGB files became available and the activities of Soviet moles and sympathizers in the US during 1950's were exposed.)


The one thing we must remind ourselves about when it comes to Hollywood is that most of what they put up on the screen isn't reality.

We've seen that a number of times when Hollywood has tried to force the narrative on a number of issues, That's certainly true when it comes to things like nuclear power, with one of the first examples being the awful and thoroughly inaccurate The China Syndrome. Their latest foray into this subject is the cyber-thriller Blackhat which portrays the ease with which hackers could cause a meltdown of a nuclear power plant. Without belaboring the point, the movie got just about everything wrong, but it succeeded if its aim was to scare the bejeebers out of everyone when it comes to nuclear power, just as the aforementioned The China Syndrome. managed to do.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the brief bout of warmer weather has already fled, everything that melted is freezing again, and where we're still removing snow that fell two weeks ago.