Ungracious In Victory

Like many others in America, I was glued to the TV last night, checking election results. While some of my picks won (Frank Guinta in NH’s First Congressional District, to name one), others didn’t.

I had hoped we’d replace Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D) with Scott Brown (R), but after a very close race, Shaheen edged out Brown. Of course if the IRS had responded to Breitbart News’ FOIA request in a timely fashion, Shaheen would have likely lost because the information released showed that Shaheen had worked with Lois Lerner to target GOP, conservative, and Tea Party organizations for ‘special’ scrutiny. When was that information released? Tuesday morning after the polls had opened.

Our Democrat governor, Maggie Hassan, survived against GOP newcomer Walt Havenstein, but it wasn’t a blowout.

However the results of those two races didn’t bother me nearly as much as the aftermath of the results in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District. I had hoped GOP challenger Marilinda Garcia would unseat Democrat incumbent Annie Kuster, but the numbers were against Garcia. Of all the races, this one was probably one of the dirtiest I have ever seen, with ads run by Kuster and those supporting her making all kinds of claims that a little research proved again and again weren’t even close to true. Ads run by Garcia and those supporting her were tame by contrast.

Watching the various victory and concession speeches, almost all were gracious. Almost all.

Kuster, always looking and sounding polite in her ads and at campaign speeches, is known to be condescending, rude, and confrontational under other circumstances. During her victory speech she didn’t waste any time slamming her opponent and those who supported her. It was one of those “Nyah nyah nyah…nyah nyah nyah!! I won, you loser!!” types of speeches. It could in no way be considered gracious. It was a poke-in-the-eye kind of speech, something beneath the dignity of the other candidates of either party.

And to the think we’re going to have to put up with this self-important condescending jerk for two more years.