"Right Away" Signifies Something That Need Not Be Done Right Away

Have you ever noticed that when Obama wants something “right away” he will go around Congress if they don't give it too him on his timetable? It's like the actions of a spoiled child who doesn't get the new toy or piece of candy he demands.

Part of the problem is that Obama believes that everything he wants must be done right away, ignoring the fact that there's little that needs to be done that quickly when it comes to the day to day operation of the federal government.

My problem with “right away” is that, more often than not, it glosses over negative consequences that would normally be addressed by Congress. Whether that is by design or through ignorance doesn't really matter. The President still seems to believe that he doesn't answer to anyone, particularly Congress, the courts, or the American people, and that all he needs to do is proclaim “make it so” in order for his will to be carried out. Is it any wonder that even some of his staunchest supporters have been backing away from this increasingly imperial, divisive, and incompetent president?