Will Obama Pull A Chamberlain?

Is it any surprise there's been an announcement by the Obama administration that there will be 'One on one' talks with Iran about their nuclear program? Not really.

But that news shouldn't sway anyone at the polls, at least not if they've studied history.

These 'talks' have the smell of Munich in 1938, when Neville Chamberlain, then Prime Minister of Great Britain, had talks with Adolf Hitler. An agreement was signed that Chamberlain claimed would guarantee “peace in our time”. A little over a year later Britain was at war with Nazi Germany.

Now we have President Obama, a total incompetent when it comes to foreign policy, wanting to repeat history by talking to a hostile nation that wants nothing more then to build their own nuclear weapons so they can wipe Israel off the map. Obama may think this will gain him a major bump in the polls, but it may end up placing him in the same position as Chamberlain after Germany reneged on their agreement – out of office.