Thoughts On A Sunday

Winter reappeared briefly, with 4 inches of snow falling Friday night/Saturday morning.

I fired up the Official Weekend Pundit Snowblower to clear the driveway and got about 95% cleaned off. Then the shear pin on one side of the auger let go. This is not an unusual occurrence considering the type of stuff that can be mixed into the snow (usually chunks of ice, small pieces of tree branches, and other detritus). It's one reason we keep spare shear pins handy.

In this case I didn't stop to replace it because the last bit of snow to be cleared was taken care of with a shovel. (It also would have taken longer to replace the pin than finishing up with the shovel.)

Temperatures will be returning to the low to mid 40's on Monday and Tuesday, helping to melt what's left of the snow and ice still on the driveway.


Watts Up With That provides us a time line on the whole Gleick/FakeGate debacle.

The only think Gleick has managed to do is hurt his 'cause', that being AGW, and added even more fuel to the fire, showing to what lengths the AGW faithful are willing to go to protect their gospel. No facts need apply.


The News Junkie breaks down the whole “angry Muslims rioting because someone burned a Quran in the US” insanity.

As he puts it:

Who is crazier: the ignorant, lunatic, hyper-reactive Muslims, or our pathetic Western governments? Gee whiz, I am so deeply sorry I hurt your sensitive feelings while sacrificing our lives while trying to rescue your freedom and lives.

Frankly, I think the “angry Muslim response” is nothing but an excuse to do what it is they wanted to do anyways.

And then this:

Screw 'em. We gave them a chance, and that's all we can do. On this topic, I agree with Obama and the Russians and the Brits before: Afghanistan is a tar baby. If they aren't one kind of trouble, they're another: heroin, terrorism, tribal warfare, Taliban. Kipling knew this.

Maybe it's time we leave, but leave them with this warning: “If you support those making war on us, we'll be back, but next time we won't be so nice.” Read it as you will.


I knew I had to read this once I saw the header: Intelligence minus judgment equals intellect.

This is something I realized over three decades ago and nothing I've seen or experienced since has changed that realization.


I have to agree with this particular question:

“Is catastrophic global warming, like the Millenium Bug, a mistake?”

The evidence points more and more to that being the case.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


A bit of good news here at The Manse: Deb has been accepted into the nursing program at one of the local colleges. She already has a number of credits towards becoming an RN, so she'll be able to shave off a semester or more from her schooling.

Ironically she'll be attending the same college as BeezleBub when he starts next fall.


And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter has made a brief reappearance, the latest snowfall is rapidly melting away, and where warm weather returns on Monday.