Right To Work Is One Step Closer In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one step closer to becoming a Right-To-Work state with the New Hampshire House passing HB 474 with a 221-131 vote.

It's no surprise the unions are spreading all kinds of gloom and doom stories. From reading some of the comments made to the article linked above by union members/supporters, you'd think we're headed back to the days of sweatshops, child labor, and slavery. Most of them show their ignorance of labor law and history (or maybe they've been well indoctrinated over the years). Some of the most supportive comments to the legislation came from former union members (like myself) who've come to see unions as the quasi-criminal, socialist organizations they have become.

It's highly likely the bill will pass in the New Hampshire Senate. The question is whether Democrat Governor John Lynch will veto it, and if he does, whether there will be enough votes to override his veto.