Marx, Global Communism, And the Left

Guest blogger Bill has contributed a few more thoughts definitely worth sharing.

What’s amazing about Marx is that he hit the nail on the head about Communism being Global. The reason is also a 100% exact parallel to Liberals. Marx did however wholly miss the nature of its world wide dominance.

Global Communism isn’t an inevitability, but it cannot exist in its self-conceived purity if there is any viable alternative. Its purity can only be achieved if no comparison can be had with a system allowing even remedial functional or inspired individuality. That is why Communist governments must keep its subjects as ignorant of the rest of the world as possible (North Korea, anyone? - ed.). Subjects of Communist rule cannot be trusted, only used and controlled. An Iron Curtain in any form is meant to enforce the captivity of its subjects. However it is easy to understand that it may actually be more important as a filter to keep the subjects ignorant of other peoples. After all “peace” for Marxists isn’t the absence of violence, only the absence of dissent.

Liberals congregate together not merely because they are like-minded, but because if they actually had to be “in” the world at large they would risk being cured of their self-centered intentions-based idealism. Insulation in all forms is the ever present requirement of a sustained Liberal environment.