Thoughts On A Sunday

It looks like the hot and humid weather has departed the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for the time being. The air conditioning at The Manse was shut off and the windows opened for the first time since July 3rd It will still be warm over the next week or so but the humidity has departed for the time being.

BeezleBub will certainly be grateful for the change in the weather as it won't be as oppressive while he's working in the fields at the farm.


One plus of the really hot weather we've had over the past week: the lake temperature is up to 77ºF, something we rarely see. It usually tops out around 72 or 73. Not that I'm complaining because 77 is still cool as compared to air temperature. This might also mean we can expect a somewhat longer swimming season.

The latest I've ever taken a dip in the big lake was October 16th, when the water temperature was 61ºF. Somehow I think we might be able to go a little later than that this year. Only time will tell.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, the fear and uncertainty Obama has been creating in the economy has been one of the big reasons businesses aren't hiring. They aren't going to commit until they know what he's going to do and how much damage he's going to cause by doing it.


It doesn't help things in general when Obama is still practicing the politics of fear, an attempt to paint a picture that the party presently out of power as the ones that will drag the economy over the abyss. Never mind that the party in power is already doing that at a rate that defies belief.

To use an old phrase, “Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?”

(If you think the above is a racist phrase, then I suggest you up the dosage of whatever psycho-pharmaceuticals you're presently taking because they aren't working.)

As one commenter put it:

As far as I'm concerned, Obama has become irrelevent (sic). I don't pay any attention to anything he says or does. Nothing the man does of says makes any logical sense. NASA's new mission is to "reach out to Muslims?" Sue the state of Arizona for upholding US immigration laws that are on the books? Sticking his head in the sand and hoping the oil leak goes away? As far as I'm concerned we have no one in charge.
It does seem that way, doesn't it?

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Bogie has some interesting sunset photos you should check out.


I came across this while Deb was perusing new ringtones on the web. I rather like it.


It wasn't until today I realized that neither Skip nor I had reported our weights for the Great New Hampshire Weight Loss Challenge last week. We'll make up for it on Monday...I hope.


Returning for the moment to the world that is the Obama economy, we have to ask how many people are really out of work as compared to what the Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting.

The unemployment numbers only reflect how many people out of work that are still seeking new employment (and collecting unemployment benefits), but not those who have given up looking because there's nothing out there for them, even at minimum wage. If they are taken into account the unemployment number isn't 9.5% but closer to twice that.


I'm beginning to like her more every day.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has blasted the Boston City Council, basically telling them to “butt out” of Arizona's business.

The last time I looked, Boston was in Massachusetts, not Arizona. So how is it the City Council can decide that Arizona and its governor must be punished for passing a law that has the support not just of Arizonans, but a wide majority of Americans? Despite what President Obama and Attorney General Holder may believe, Arizona's law is very likely constitutional, something they'll be finding out in court very soon.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


It's no surprise to me, but the New York Times is showing its disdain for the Second Amendment. Again.

So what else is new?


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where slightly less humid weather has arrived, the lake temperature is up, and where yet again Monday has arrived far too soon.