The Wrong Kind Of White People

All this time I thought all white people were the wrong kind of white people. Now I find out that there are two different kinds of white people, the right kind and the wrong kind.

The wrong kind of white person is the one that "right kind" white people want to avoid when camping (the one in the RV); the one that watches Leno; the one who doesn't like hummus or find Sarah Silverman funny. It's the one who, when he goes to San Francisco, makes the Rocket Boat the highlight of the trip. It's the white person who drives a truck, not to reject the political statement of driving a Prius, but because he needs it for work. Sarah Palin, even though she's a strong woman, in a Native American, union household with a disabled child, and an unwed mother single mother daughter is the wrong kind of white person.

Nothing has changed for me as I'm still the wrong kind of white people and proud of it. I've got the “Ford F-150 and a .30-06” to prove it.