That's It??!!

I must admit this up front: words fail me.

After spending countless days and untold millions of dollars while at the same time generating an incredible amount of carbon dioxide, the only thing that came of the Copenhagen climate conference was a non-binding agreement to keep the global temperature increase to 2 degrees?

Couldn't this whole thing have been handled with a few conference calls, an on-line video conference, or even a virtual conference via Second Life? It would have taken a whole lot less time and cost very little. But then it wouldn't have given the self-important Anointed a chance to preen before the cameras and make speeches to make it seem like they were actually accomplishing something.

There were no serious discussions about ClimateGate or the related Russian claims of data they provided being manipulated in order to show warming where there was none. Dissenters were given no voice even though many of them had better credentials (and credibility) than those whose questionable work was being used as the basis for the conference.

Over all it was a waste of time, money and energy that could have been better used elsewhere.

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