Going Rogue - PDS Rears Its Ugly Head...Still

After reading a review of Sarah Palin's book - Going Rogue - I knew I'd have to read it.

It wasn't the review itself that made me want to do so. It was the comments made of the review by those still suffering from PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) that moved me in that direction.

Not one of those commenting that posted negative reviews of the review itself had actually read Palin's tome. Not one of them posted anything that was any different from the same tired and long discredited tripe they wrote before the 2008 elections. Not one of them posted anything original. Just about every negative comment was a retread. No original thought was required. Only hatred, envy, and disdain made it into the comments.

So much for polite discourse or agreement to disagree.

The pathological hatred of Palin displayed by the Left is disturbing. It goes beyond all reason. (Yes, I know. I'm trying to ascribe reason to those showing absolutely none whatsoever.) It shows the old saying is true – We Hate That Which We Fear. The Left must be truly scared of Sarah Palin.

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