Is Obama Really Disconnected From The Rest Of Us

As time has passed since Obama's inauguration it has become increasingly clear he is disconnected from a majority of the American people. He talks about lofty goals, yet never really gets around to explaining how to actually achieve them other than by spending a lot of money we don't have. His ideals are not those of the majority of Americans, but those of the liberal elite. He constantly makes apologies to our enemies, and snubs or insults our allies.

Obama plainly embodies that mindset of liberal elites. America is flawed. America has no distinct message or values, and its interests are entitled to no more weight than Belgium’s or Cuba’s. It’s wrongheaded to assert our national interests. We should be seeking consensus and righting the great wrongs that America has done to other nations—both its stinginess in redistributing wealth and its failure to cater to other nations’ geopolitical and psychological concerns. Russia needs reassuring. The Arabs need validation. And it’s the president’s job to lower America’s profile so as to not incur the wrath of hostile powers.

Average Americans don’t buy into any of this. They have the notion—ridiculed by Obama and his supporters—that America is unique, both in its attributes and in its role in the world. They might grow weary of the burdens and prefer shorter and less costly wars (what democratic people do not?), but the notion that we should simply go along with the crowd, avoid hurting Russian sensibilities, or accede to false historical narratives of Arab nations in contravention to our own interests and those of our allies are alien and off-putting to them. If Iran is a threat to the world, ordinary Americans expect their president to do something about it, not merely call another meeting to talk with thugs spouting genocidal nonsense.

Obama really doesn't appreciate that America is truly unique, that its society is far different from so many others because, like few others, we are a nation of diverse immigrants. We (hopefully) took the best from the cultures of all those who immigrated here and made it our own. This view doesn't fit in with his, and therefore he ignores it. He does so at his own political peril, for as it becomes evident to more Americans, more voters, that he really doesn't have our best interests at heart, support will fade and he will find he's speaking to no one but his fellow elitists. That's no way to stay in office.

How is it he can believe we would stand for his denigrating one of the greatest nations the world has ever seen? How is it he believes we will stand for his shabby treatment of our allies, the coddling of our enemies, and his contempt for our way of life, our nation's achievements, and our nation's great sacrifices over the past 233 years? How is it he believes we will put up with his wholly negative view of what America is and what he believes it should be – a weak nation kowtowing to those who are our enemies?

He believes these things because he has no real connection with a majority if Americans. He will become truly aware of them starting in 2010 and will realize his error when his 'inferiors' decide to fire him in 2012.

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