The Left Still Suffering From PDS

One would think Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) would fade away after the election, but the Left, the so-called “sore winners”, just won't let it die.

A piece in Politico reports on Sarah Palin's response to anonymous claims by McCain “aides” about her behavior during the campaign, calling her a diva, ignorant, stupid, and a host of other disparaging names. That in itself isn't the story.

It's the comments made by suffers of PDS that shows how far too many Democrats aren't willing to let it go even though their candidate won the election. They repeat long discredited rumors and claims about Governor Palin as if they were gospel.

Probably one of the most disturbing claims made is that she's racist because she didn't counter racial epithets and threats about Barack Obama by people in the crowd during one of her speeches. As one of the bloggers that attended that speech reported about the incidents wrote, there was no way she even heard those threats or epithets considering the people making them were nowhere within earshot of Governor Plain when they made them. According to the Secret Service they never heard them and they were in a much better position to do so than Sarah Palin. And you know they would have acted upon them if they had. The Secret Service doesn't screw around with things like that.

Other discredit claims still being bandied about by the PDS-blinded Dems: she had a witch doctor cleans her soul, had an exorcism performed on her, moved to ban books in the Wasilla Public Library, went on a $150,000 shopping spree for clothing, wants no sex ed or birth control for women, was affiliated with a secessionist political party, is obviously stupid because she attended a non-Ivy League 4-year school, has no regard for First Nation natives (even though she's married to one), and so on and so on. The list doesn't end.

Many of the over 700 comments tear her apart for things she never did, make assumptions about her life that aren't in evidence, disparage her family, question the parentage of her youngest son Trig (saying the baby is really Bristol's even though the math doesn't work out), condemn her for not aborting her Down's Syndrome son (a contradiction if the baby is supposedly Bristol's), implying she's a mindless bimbo with no critical thinking skills, only got where she is because she received special treatment her whole life because she looks like a porn star, and even worse, because she's the most popular governor of any of the 50 states with an approval rating of 80% and a Republican! How petty can these idiots get? What the hell is wrong with these people?

I only have two more things to say about this:




“Holy s***! I need a Tylenol......”

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