Perceived Risk Triumphs Over Fact

The choice of parents to not vaccinate their children has become all too prevalent. Far too often they choice is made in fear and ignorance, not understanding the risks of leaving their children unprotected. Because of this, communicable diseases that became rare over the past 60 years or so are making a comeback. And sometimes these diseases cripple. Sometimes they kill.

Most of the time a parent that refuses to have their child vaccinated cites the increasing incidence of autism, blaming it upon the preservative in the vaccine, thimerosal. This shows their ignorance as this preservative hasn't been used in vaccines in the US for years. Instead, they'd rather endanger their children, as well as the children of others, by refusing or delaying their vaccinations. It's just so much pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo, showing how people in this country have lost the ability to think critically and are now unable to separate fact from fiction. They let fear rule them and fall prey to a skewed perception of threat, believing a minuscule risk is far more dangerous than the consequences of not vaccinating against deadly diseases. And far too often they pay the price, that being the life of their child, who dies of an otherwise preventable disease.

But at least they won't be autistic when they die. [/sarcasm]

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