Know Nukes!

Isn't it interesting that more environmentalists have rediscovered nuclear power and are finding it isn't the bad thing they all thought it was. Many see nuclear power as one of the better solutions to meeting th energy needs while emitting no green house gases.

Third and fourth generation nuclear power plants are being planned to add to the existing second generation plants or to replace some of the decommissioned or soon to be decommissioned nuclear power plants.

Some of the new designs will lend themselves to generating hydrogen on a large scale, something necessary to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels and make a hydrogen economy possible. Gasoline and diesel fuel will slowly be replaced by hydrogen, and the internal combustion engine will be replaced by the fuel cell and electric motor. Most of that will be made possible by nuclear power.

Think where we might have been in regards to reducing carbon dioxide emissions if we hadn't stopped building nuclear plants in the 1970's?

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