Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a last trip out on to Lake Winnipesaukee yesterday afternoon, taking an old friend out on to the lake for the first time. Considering the weather was more summerlike than one would expect for mid-October, it made for a great time out on the lake...until the very end.

I know this happens to boaters all the time, but it still made me mad at myself when it happened, 'it' being not paying enough attention to where I was in a channel and going too shallow, meaning the prop started chewing rocks! It isn't the first prop I've dinged and I doubt it will be my last. But the fact that it was my fault for being distracted just pissed me off.

That the prop got bent a little didn't put a premature end to the boating season as I had planned to pull the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout out of the water later this week in any case. This isn't the latest I've had the boat in the water, that being the first weekend in November, but I usually pull it out right around the weekend after Columbus day. But now I have to see about changing the prop before I store the boat for the winter. Fortunately I have a spare prop so it won't be a big deal. I'll send the damaged prop out for reconditioning and have it as my spare prop next year.


Fausta at Da Tech Guy asks us if we've goner to the movies recently? My answer is easy: No.

From what box office numbers have shown this past summer, a lot of other people's answers have been 'no' as well. What does the movie industry expect? Once they start making good movies again their customers will return. But as long as they keep doing the remakes and making 'social message' movies, we'll be staying away in droves.


So the US is going to withdraw from UNESCO?

It's about frickin' time.


Need some help in describing what AntiFa is? Here's some help from Benito Mussolini.

“Everything I have said and done in these last years is relativism by intuition. If relativism signifies contempt for fixed categories and those who claim to be the bearers of objective immortal truth … then there is nothing more relativistic than Fascist attitudes and activity... From the fact that all ideologies are of equal value, that all ideologies are mere fictions, the modern relativist infers that everybody has the right to create for himself his own ideology and to attempt to enforce it with all the energy of which he is capable.”

After reading the above, you'll come to realize that AntiFa should remove the “anti” from their name.


Why are so many Americans ungrateful?

My take: So many have had all of the conveniences of modern living handed to them that they feel entitled to them. Why would they feel grateful for things that they believe are owed to them?


What do Dutch women know that American women don't? A whole lot, it appears, particularly when it comes to things like careers, families, and a whole host of other things American feminists think they know, but don't.

Maybe it's time for American feminists to stop drinking the feminazi kool-aid.


The UK must really like American fried chicken considering how many fried chicken restaurants there have a US state as part of their name. Leaving out Kentucky fr obvious reasons, there were twelve other state names used as part of a fried chicken restaurant's name.


This is something I've intuited for years.

Twelve reasons science shows conservative women have the best sex.

I certainly agree with Numbers 1, 2, 5, 7, 8 and 12. I also agree with Numbers 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, and 11 as well.

The science is settled!


As a follow on to the above, there's this little gem of wisdom.

If men need yet another excuse not to marry a feminist, then I'd say this pretty much is a good one.

The feminist worldview is antithetical to love because its focus is solely on women: their needs, their wants, their desires, and their rights. Love can’t possibly be sustained with an attitude like that. (emphasis mine – ed)

Yeah, I'd say that about covers it.


You can't tell me this isn't yet another step in an effort by the Progressive Left to further destroy society and replace it with an all power dictatorship of the elite.

Schools Ban Having Best Friends.

Like that's going to work out well.


Here's an interesting infographic that details concealed carry, open carry, and constitutional carry of firearms on a state by state basis.

(H/T Wirecutter)


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the boating season is still in full swing, cooler weather will be here for a day or two, and where Monday is yet again returning to screw up the weekend.


Juste Quand Je Pensais Qu'ils Ne Pourraient Pas Obtenir Stupider - Édition Française

It is said that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I can see that it is obvious that someone in France doesn't know their history. The proof?

A proposed bill to institute a heavy tax on luxury cars, boats, and planes, something that has been tried twice before here in the US and had just the opposite effect intended by those who crafted the tax legislation. As Eric The Viking recalls, the last time such a tax was instituted here in 1991, the government didn't see nearly the revenue it expected and the 'unexpected' jump in unemployment by makers of those luxury goods cost the US government more than they took in from the luxury tax. It was a net loss for US tax revenues. Explains Eric:

In 1990 there were no luxury excise taxes, all of them having been repealed in 1965. But perhaps every quarter-century or so government--it cannot help itself--must go on a "fairness" bender, the memory of the hangover from similar misadventures having faded.

In 1990 the Joint Committee on Taxation projected that the 1991 revenue yield from luxury taxes would be $31 million. It was $16.6 million. Why? Because (surprise!) the taxation changed behavior: Fewer people bought the taxed products. Demand went down when prices went up. Washington was amazed. People bought yachts overseas. Who would have thought it?

As Eric also reminded us, France just finished learning a hard lesson from trying to tax the rich at a confiscatory level – the rich started leaving and taking their money with them. Now they're going to try the same thing the US tried (and failed at) and I expect the same thing will happen in France as happened here – sales in those items will plummet and the wealthy will mere start buying their luxury items elsewhere. As Eric states it, this legislation should be called “The American Boating Employment Act of 2017” as I have no doubt a lot of French buyers will be more than happy to buy their yachts here.

Of course we can expect Emmanuel Macron to say something along the lines of “We'll do it better then the crass Americans.” But of course they won't. No one ever does. But that's something the French will have to learn (again) if Macron's proposed tax goes through.

C'est la vie!


Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been one of those weird weekends, weather-wise, looking like it should be cool. Instead is has been cloudy, slightly breezy, and quite warm and humid. There have been some periods of very light rain usually lasting for only a few minutes. There is some rain in the forecast for later today and heavy rain starting some time Monday, that rain being the remnants of Hurricane Nate.

The weather has precluded some activities like painting our decks here at The Manse, but nice weather is forecast for most of the week and into next weekend. Hopefully we can get the last of the outdoor painting done over that time.


If you need yet another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences biting someone in the ass, then all one has to do is look at San Francisco and the effect of the $15/hr minimum wage has taken on the restaurant industry there. There has been a wave of restaurant closures that have a lot of San Franciscans pissed off. But what did they expect when they greatly increased the cost of one of the biggest commodities that affects restaurant profitability?

In a note that we'll file away under the definition of 'irony', Bloomberg wrote today that the fun-loving, free-spirited socialists of San Francisco are suddenly really pissed off that their liberal economic policies have resulted in a wave of restaurant failures, making it nearly impossible to find good food at an 'affordable' price.

We would be pissed too...who could have guessed that artificially raising wages well above market supported rates would result in business failures?

Hmm, I don't know. Maybe anyone who has run a business or understand real economics, not the marxist economics that so many of the Left have pushed all these years?

Anyone paying attention to the debate understands why fast food chains like McDonald's and Wendy's have been installing ordering kiosks all across the US. Why pay a human being an overly inflated wage to do something an ordering kiosk can do for a fraction of the cost? Kiosks don't goldbrick, they don't show up late for work, and they don't need time off.


Speaking of McDonald's, it seem corporate HQ is doings its best to make sure McDonald's will lose more market share by moving farther away from its core products and focusing on the fringes of the market. Any business that does that will eventually fail as their core customer base will abandon them and go to a competitor that still provides those amenities.

As I have mentioned before, I recall a recent experiment (recent being within the past year or so) where a McDonald's franchisee went back to the menu choices from the 1970's. They had lines out the door. They had nothing fancy on the menu, used beef tallow to fry their french fries, and they couldn't keep up with the demand. Then corporate stepped in (of course) and forced them to go back to the approved menu and the lines disappeared. That right there should have been a lesson corporate should have embraced, but they ignored it and continued to embrace their Progressive ideals. In this case it boils down to “We know what's best for you and that's what we're going to give you. The customer is always wrong.”

That will end up being a pitiful but fitting epitaph for a once fine business giant.


One has to wonder if the NFL will learn the lesson that McDonald's has chosen to ignore, seeing how quickly their TV ratings, game attendance, and merchandise sales have been contracting. If I had to guess I'd say the odds are 50:50. But the damage may have already been done and the NFL may doomed to become a minor sports organization once all of its fans have abandoned it.

Maybe it's time for Trump to work towards re-establishing the USFL or create the IAFL (International American Football League) to bring in franchises from the CFL and perhaps some teams in the UK. Just make sure no political BS will be allowed on the field as part of the franchise agreements.


Did Governor Moonbeam really think the feds wouldn't hit back after he signed the legislation making the Land of Fruits and Nuts a sanctuary state? Or perhaps he was hoping they would, giving more impetus for Calexit?

In any case I think he and the state assembly may have grossly underestimated the consequences and it's going to come back to bite them, hard. Yet another fine example of the Law of Unintended Consequences coming into play.


I fond little to disagree with in regards to how technology is “highjacking our minds”, specifically when it comes to thinks like smart phones.

As I have mentioned a small number of times in the past, I have seen the phenomenon of “phubbing”, defined as snubbing the people around you because you have you nose buried in your smart phone. Your only social interactions are through your phone. You rarely speak to people face to face, even when you're in the same rook with them.

What's worse is when folks using their smart phones become “dumb”, meaning the only way they know anything is by looking it up online. They retain nothing and will look up the same thing again and again. This is not a good thing.

David Starr adds his 3¢ worth on the subject.

People laugh when I pull out my trusty flip phone, but it does what I need it to do, does it reliably, and is very difficult to hack. (Then again why would anyone waste their time?) Call me a Gibbsian throwback, but I don't care. At least I don't get lost in the digital abyss like too many of my friends and acquaintances.


So Antifa wants to start a civil war on November 4th?

I say “Bring it on.”

I doubt the war would last long, between most of us non-antifa people being well armed, knowing how to use firearms, and a lot of us having had military training and combat experience.

The only advice I can offer these nitwits is to make sure they have some form of ID on them to make it easier to identify their remains. Better yet, use a sharpie to write that information on an arm, a leg, and one other location on their body just to make sure we'll be able to get their remains back to their families.

These assholes have no idea what real war is like. They assume that just because they can rough up and beat people during a demonstration/protest/riot with little consequence means that they're capable or competent enough to get involved in a real shooting war. Once the bullets start flying and the bodies start hitting the ground I think they'll find out they're wrong.


Real or parody, this video is funny. If it is real, then that just reinforces my comment in the piece just above this one.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is a bit weird, Columbus Day and the fall foliage approaches, and where the boating season continues.


It's The Violence, Stupid!

After the shootings in Las Vegas, a lot of attention was paid to gun violence and, of course, the calls for more rigid (and unconstitutional) gun controls or bans. The one thing so many of those screaming for gun control as a means of reducing gun violence have always chosen to ignore is that gun control has never reduced the incidents of gun violence.

Two prime examples of this are the UK and Australia, two nations that have banned gun ownership, with Australia's ban being far more recent. The end result has been no discernible change in the 'gun violence' rate. So why focus on the 'gun' part of gun violence? As anyone paying attention already knows, the problem is the violence, not the guns.

I recall recently reading about one program that has been focusing on violence, period. The program worked to reduce the incidents of violence of all kinds, and if I recall correctly, it has worked. All kinds of violence decreased, including gun violence. So maybe the focus should be on the violence and not the tools used to commit acts of violence.

Guns are tools, no different than chains, knives, hammers, crowbars, and a whole list of other implements that can be used for good or ill. It is the intent of the one wielding the implement that defines whether it is a tool or a weapon. Change the intent away from violence and the implements are just tools. If you just ban the tools, the violence is still there and those wishing to commit those acts will find a way to do so, even if it means buying guns on the black market. (With the right connections one can get anything from a cheap Saturday Night Special to fully automatic machine pistols and assault weapons, to grenade launchers, RPGs, and anti-armor rockets. All it takes is money. As reminder, almost all of these weapons are already illegal, so laws against them certainly haven't stopped them from being brought into this country and sold to criminals.)

Solve the violence problem and the so-called gun violence problem solves itself. Do it the other way around and the problem will still be there.


Las Vegas Heroes And Villains

It wasn't long after the nation woke up to the shootings in Las Vegas that both the best and worst of America made itself known. I don't need to go into the details of what happened as just about everyone has heard about the dead and wounded as well as the man who perpetrated this atrocity. Instead, I want to cover the actions of both those who were there as well as those who weren't>

Watching the reports on the news, the best of us were helping care for the wounded, getting people under cover and out of the line of sight of the gunman. Many were killed, including one man who shielded his wife with his own body and died while protecting her.

And then the worst of America made itself known:

A tweet by a CBS legal counsel that stated she had no sympathy for the Las Vegas victims “because country music fans often are Republicans.” She has since been fired by CBS.

Hillary Clinton didn't waste any time weighing in, blaming the NRA's support of the Second Amendment for the deaths and injuries in Vegas. What's worse is she stated in in a way thathave a noidse contradicted herself and showed herself to be a hypocrite in the second sentence of her tweet. Like many of the usual suspects, she's calling for tighter and more draconian gun control as if that will solve the problem. Somehow I doubt that the shooter bought his guns legally which means that more gun control would not have had any effect on the outcome – the same number of people would have been killed and wounded. Then she doubled down on stupid.

In a follow-on tweet she writes “Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.” The thing that shows me that she's entirely clueless is when the Washington Post fact-checker took her down with this response: “Actually, even with a “silencer” it's pretty loud. An AR-15 rifle would have a noise equivalent to a jackhammer.” It is something I can attest to as I have seen and handled semi-auto and full automatic weapons with sound suppressors. Unless the ammunition being used is subsonic, meaning the rounds being fired exit the barrel of the weapon at velocities under the speed of sound, the report is still very loud. Since subsonic rounds don't have quite the range of normal rounds, I doubt the shooter would have used them as it's likely he wouldn't have been able to hit his targets as they would have been out of range.

Then we have a teacher who's reaction was that she prayed “only Trumptards died” in Las Vegas, among other nasty tweets. The sympathy such vile creatures show.

And last, but not least, we have Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) saying he wouldn't participate in a moment of silence for the Las Vegas victims.

Stay classy, Democrats! Keep showing the nation your caring attitudes and you'll remain a minority party for the foreseeable future.


Thoughts On A Sunday

Fall-like weather returned with a vengeance, with temps that had been in the 80's dropping into the 50's and lower 60's, meaning I up the thermostat to keep The Manse at a comfortable temperature. Overnight temps that had been in the 50's and 60's dropped to the 30's and 40's. Along with that drop came rain, something that fell on and off all throughout the day yesterday. It did put a damper on some of the activities I'd planned.

However the sunshine returned this morning and temperatures are headed back into the 70's and 80's over the next few days or so.

That works for me.


Sarah Hoyt delves into Robert A. Heinlein, showing us that even all these years after his passing he still has a lot to teach us about the world and the humans living on it.

I started reading Heinlein as a teenager as the world around me fell into dual madness, because more and more of my teachers were boomers full of the ideas of the late sixties early seventies, and the country itself was spiraling further and further into Marxist insanity.

Heinlein’s books were a refuge, where logic made sense, things worked, and I often found that he could explain things I couldn’t.  Or not explain exactly, but get beneath the level of indoctrination and slogans, to make people understand the other point of view.


And all through it, the idea of TAANSTAFL (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) first made my mind explode, and then made sense of the world for me, for once and all.

When I was offered “free” goodies by leftist candidates; when people told me they were entitled to others’ money or time; when parasites of various kinds reared their ugly bloated heads, I thought TAANSTAFL, because that’s the ultimate truth of the universe.  There is never something for nothing.

That's something the Bernie Bros and those like them still have to learn. Someone somewhere has to pay for all the 'free stuff' that would be handed out. (Need a quick lesson how the 'free stuff' doesn't work? Then look to Venezuela. Once they used up every dime of “other people's money”, the 'free stuff' gravy train screeched to a halt...and then the wheels fell off.)

Sarah goes on to explain how much of what Heinlein wrote opened her eyes and those of many others to what was and not what others thought they should be. As the saying goes, Read The Whole Thing.


What is “white privilege”? People seem to know what it means, but the question is do they actually know what it is as compared to what many of the racist 'non-racists' tell what it is?

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Maybe this will help stem their confusion.

I'd grant that there exists something akin to "white privilege" in the USA, as in all of the western world. It happens to be more like "cultural privilege" than anything to do with skin tone. I am talking about individual qualities which are most in demand and most effective in western cultures.

The markings of cultural privilege are most easily internalized by upbringing, and secondarily by good examples (eg coaches, relatives) and formal education. Good socialization.  Wealth is only incidentally associated, not causal, because lots of rich kids are complete a-holes. The western world (except for England) has no caste system, but it has an informal cultural caste system and everybody is aware of it.  It has nothing to do with IQ or where you grew up or went to college, but it has to do with how you comport yourself, how properly and grammatically you speak and write, manners and grace, dress, good humor, level of sophistication, being a good dinner companion, playing sports, staying out of trouble with the law, being able to discuss books, and other sorts of things that some people sum up as "presentable."

One of those things that “white privilege” promotes is a work ethic, something else that has come to be called racist.

Just when I thought they couldn't get any stupider.


Despite the bleating of San Juan's Democrat mayor, Donald Trump has not been ignoring the catastrophe in Puerto Rico, nor has he botched the response.

A number of other Puerto Rican politicians have pointed out that the mayor's view on what's been happening (or not happening, according to her claims) do not match reality. Angel Perez, the mayor of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, criticized Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz's remarks, stating “She's not participating in any meetings.” Perez hasn't seen any evidence of the lack of help, and has not seen Cruz meeting with any of the FEMA nor communicating with them.

That changes the picture of what's going on, doesn't it?


That everyone is slamming the New York Times for their idiocy in regards to Trump's tax reform plan is not a surprise. The Newspaper of Record has lost its editorial mind, complaining that “the plan would not benefit lower income households that do not pay federal income taxes.”

Uh, yeah.

Many of them receive an Earned Income Tax Credit, meaning even though they didn't pay taxes, they get a 'refund'. Why would anyone think these same folks should receive even more than they do now when it's all of the rest of us who do pay income taxes that make it possible for them to receive the benefits they presently receive? It's always easy for folks like those at the NYT to offer our money rather freely to those who cannot (or worst, will not) work for a living. It's easy when it isn't their money they're giving away.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer weather is returning, the summerfolk aren't and the leaf peepers will make their presence known any time now.


She Obviously Didn't Think This Through

By way of GraniteGrok comes this photo.

She'd best be careful if she gets her wish. Just how pissed off would she be if it were to become reality?


Thoughts On A Sunday

Here it is, late September, but we're seeing mid-summer weather, with sunny skies, temps in the upper 80's and lower 90's, and higher humidity. This is the type of weather I expected for August. (August was more like September this summer.) So maybe Mother Nature is making up for the cool August temperatures by gracing us with August weather now. I'm certainly not complaining.


I've been a fan of the NFL for most of my life. My two favorite teams are the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. But I have to admit that I have seen my enthusiasm for the NFL has been waning the league has made changes the fans don't like all, but particularly because the SJW disease has been infecting the league, all with the tacit approval of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel. It appears I am not the only one with such growing dislike of the NFL.

But even if I hook up the old satellite dish again here in my rural New England community, I still wouldn't watch pro football now that the NFL and some of its players have injected racial politics into a sport that, more than any other, pioneered on-field integration and got white America cheering for black athletes.

Now they're making the NFL politically unpalatable. I don't know about you, but if I want to be preached to, I go to church. If I want to hear political opinion/points of view I watch TV or go to rallies or protests. I don't expect anyone at my place of work to do either, nor would I do that where I work. That's what these athletes are doing – protesting at their place of work and doing so on my dime (and that of all the other fans). I don't care what they do once they're off the field or the court.

For more backlash against the now politicized NFL, read these reactions left on Twitter.


Legal Insurrection posts about the trend of blue-staters moving to red states and slowly converting them to blue states.

I've certainly seen that here in New Hampshire, where folks from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York move here to get away from all of the high taxes and government overreach, then start pushing for the same things here as back where they came from. They don't understand (or worse, don't care) that all of these things are what created the very conditions they came here to flee.

One of my neighbors, a dyed-in-the-wool Massachusetts Democrat who moved up here a few years ago, decried the lack of sidewalks and paved bike trails in our little rural town. So I asked him who would pay for all of those sidewalks and bike trails? His answer: Either state should pony up the cash or we should raise property taxes to pay for them.

Who would be the first to complain about the rising property taxes if he got his way? Exactly! There was a big disconnect between the 'nice-to-haves' and the means to pay for them. This is something too many of the folks “from away” have in common.

We do have sidewalks in one section of our town, that being the historical district. Those were paid for with private funds raised by the kids of our elementary school as a project. The sidewalks made it safer for the school kids to walk to and from schools and to the library, historical society, community fields, and the village general store. Not a penny of state money was involved. The town's Department of Public Works did some of the engineering and oversaw the project, but that was the limit of the town government's involvement.

While the post and one or two of the comments show New Hampshire being a Blue State, I have to disagree. It is more purple at the moment, with a GOP majority in the NH House, Senate, Executive Council, and Governor. While our congressional delegation are all Democrats, one of them – Senator Maggie Hassan – won by only 432 votes and there were questions about possible voter fraud in the town of Durham, which houses the University of New Hampshire. A lot of out-of-state students registered to vote on election day but never legally established residency, meaning their votes could have been considered fraudulent. Regardless, I have a feeling that our next set of elections in 2018 may see the balance of the congressional delegation shift from 4 Democrats, to 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat. Would we still be considered a Blue State at that point?


It's not often one hears from the First Lady, but her address the UN General Assembly hit the nail right on the head.

“Show me the loving bonds between your families today and I will show you the patriotism and moral clarity of your nation tomorrow. Our choices on how we raise and educate our children in fact provide the blueprint for the next generation. If we do not advocate a love of country to our children and generations to come, then why would our children grow up to fight for their countries?”



One more link from GraniteGrok, this being a perfect example of life after an EMP attack, the example being Puerto Rico after first Irma and then Maria devastated the island.

No power for between 4 and 6 months. Infrastructure all but useless without it. Few means to deal with the crisis.

Not a pretty picture.


At the opening of the New England Patriots-Houston Texans game a dozen Patriots players knelt during the national anthem. What's worse is that Bob Kraft, owner of the Patriots, excused this behavior in a statement while not seeing the hypocrisy in his statement about “sports bringing people together while politics divides them.” Yet politics were there right on the field.

On the other side of the field all of the Houston Texans stood for the anthem, linked arm in arm.

Either Kraft or Belichik should suspend or fire the players that knelt. Goodness knows if something like that happened while Vince Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers, he would have marched into the locker room, emptied the offending players' belongings from their lockers, and fired them on the spot.


And speaking of politics, here's a story from Adrienne's Corner that highlights a woman who loses it because a veteran's service dog is in a restaurant.

A U.S. military veteran brought his service dog into a Delaware City, Del., restaurant last week, and Ciara Miller was one patron who wasn’t having it. She was caught on camera screaming and swearing at the veteran and the restaurant establishment for allowing the service dog to be inside the eatery. 

The dog was wearing an official service jacket which read, “PTSD Service Dog,” and bore service animal emblems of the U.S. military.“I’m leaving because the food is nasty and there’s a dog!” Miller screamed while being filmed.

An restaurant employee can be heard in the video telling the woman that the man she was disrespecting is a veteran who “fought for our country.” 

“Congratulations!” Miller screams. “My husband’s dad did, too. What’s your point? My husband’s dad fought for the f***ing country! So what? It’s still nasty to me! I don’t care!”

As if her father-in-law's service somehow brought gravitas in her rant. Some people just don't get it. Certainly this selfish harridan doesn't. Hopefully she'll never darken that restaurant's doorway again as the don't need customers like that.


Stuart Schneiderman delves into the issue of marriage, and specifically in regards to one specific woman. As he asks as part of his post, “Do you want to be a wife?” As Schneiderman writes in regards to the young woman in question:

Of course, GA does not understand marriage. Self-love, the kind of narcissistic self-absorption that the therapy culture is doling out in dollops is precisely what you should not bring into a marriage.

And yet, in our deviant culture, more and more people, infused with the gospel of self-esteem, think that marriage should be a therapeutic journey toward self-actualization.

As any of us older people know, marriage is not “ a therapeutic journey toward self-actualization.” It is much more. Continues Schneiderman:

Getting married means becoming a wife and functioning as same. If GA and her friends do not understand that the role comes with rules and obligations, duties and responsibilities to other people, they will inevitably fail at marriage. Their failures will breed resentment and that, in and of itself, will throw a damp blanket over their desire.

Back in the day, when women consulted with me because they wanted to get married, I used to ask them a simple question: Do you want to be a wife? Often enough, they were horrified by the question. They took grievous offense. Their looks seemed to say, What kind of woman do you think I am?

Today’s younger generation, having imbibed the dual elixirs of psycho self-esteem and of feminist ideology, has gotten marriage wrong. Young women are acting like mistresses within a context that requires them to be wives.

I have overheard many a conversation amongst young women talking about relationships and marriage and just about every one of them I've overheard had either no concept what marriage was or had unrealistic expectations about the role they would be filling. In a lot of cases they weren't really looking for a husband, but for a sugar-daddy with deep pockets. (Most of these conversations I overheard took places in metropolitan areas – in airports, convention centers, train stations, and restaurants as well as on planes, trains, and buses.) Few of them truly seemed to understand what marriage was all about.

They were setting themselves up for disappointment and unhappiness.


And that's the news from toasty and humid Lake Winnipesaukee, where the boating weather is just perfect, the summerfolk are mostly gone, and only we fortunate enough to live here continue to enjoy the lake now that we have it for ourselves.


The 'Big Lie' Tactic Lives On

The efficacy of The Big Lie has been proven again and again over the years. It certainly has been proven most recently in regards to the so-called “rape crisis” on college campuses. I was reminded of this while watching our local TV station's morning news.

One of the news stories dealt with a new smart phone app created to help prevent sexual assaults on the University of New Hampshire campus. That in itself was not what bothered me. There's nothing wrong with creating and using such an app. Call it just another measure women can take to help protect themselves. My gripe is the reasoning behind the creation and use of the app, that reason being nothing more than the result of the most recent Big Lie being touted as truth.

"If you send your daughter to college, there's a one-in-five chance she'll be a victim of a completed or attempted sexual assault," said Sharyn Potter of the UNH Prevention Innovations Research Center. (emphasis added - dce)

And there it is. One of the most blatant lies being used to justify things like college kangaroo courts that ignore basic rights like due process. The “one-in-five chance” 'statistic' is being used to justify all kinds of blatantly unconstitutional actions by college administrators. That 'statistic' is around ten times the rate outside college campuses. It's also completely untrue.

Ask someone quoting the 'one-in-five' line where it came from. They may point out reports here and there that have touted that line, but hit them again with it, asking them where the reports got their information. It is highly unlikely that they'll know, but it won't matter to them because it sounds true.

But the truth is that the wholly misleading statistic came from a non-scientific study that polled self-selecting respondents on two college campuses. The researchers posed questions to female students about a number of different situations in regards to interactions between them and male students on the two campuses. They ran the gamut between being asked out by someone they didn't want to date, 'stolen' kisses, unwanted advances, stalking behavior, one-night stands, drunken sexual encounters, consensual sex, and outright rape or attempted rape. (There was a wider range of examples given, but these few give you a pretty good idea of the range of behaviors covered in the questionnaires filled out by the students.)

Other than the last two, no information was given in the questionnaire whether any of the other activities constituted sexual assault. That was determined by the researchers, and the definitions were so broad as to be worthless. (I'm sorry, but being asked out by someone you really don't want to date isn't sexual assault, even if the “rape crisis” weenies on campuses say it is. It's merely an uncomfortable and maybe embarrassing inconvenience.) When the study was cited by a number of organizations and college groups as proof of the campus rape crisis, the researchers themselves said their study should not be used because it wasn't authoritative and wasn't designed for that purpose. The researchers themselves stated the numbers were misleading and were being misconstrued. But by then, it was too late.

Ironically, the Department of Justice stats show the incidents of sexual assaults on college campuses is lower than compared to the rest of the population. The DOJ didn't use the bogus, misleading, and overly broad definitions of sexual assault being used by colleges as justification to railroad male students. They used the definition of sexual assault as laid out in law:

Sexual assault refers to an assault of a sexual nature on another person. It can include a wide range of unwanted sexual contact such as rape, forced vaginal, anal or oral penetration, forced sexual intercourse, inappropriate touching, forced kissing, child molestation ,exhibitionism, voyeurism, obscene phone calls, torture of a victim in a sexual manner etc. The actor causes submission of the victim by means that is reasonably calculated to cause submission against the victim's will. Definitions of offenses are primarily governed by state criminal laws, which vary by state. It is generally a felony.

That is the only definition that should apply.

A drunken hookup where both parties are equally intoxicated should not be a sexual assault, yet many colleges say it is because supposedly the woman involved could not give consent because she was drunk. But so was the man and he would be just as incapable of giving consent, yet he is deemed the guilty party. (There was one case I recall reading about on Instapundit where a male student was passed out and the drunk female student he was with fellated him, taking some selfies as she did so. Later he was charged with sexual assault after she stated she had some regrets about doing so because “she couldn't give consent”.)

So the Big Lie generates an false meme. A witch hunt ensues which traps many an unsuspecting male college student in a hellish limbo.

Am I saying sexual assaults don't happen on college campuses? No. Not even close. But redefining so many actions, many of them innocuous, as sexual assault does a disservice to everyone and creates a very hostile environment on campuses.

As the good Professor Reynolds has stated on more than one occasion, if that one-in-five claim were true could parents of a female college student be charged with child neglect for knowingly sending them into such a dangerous environment? What parent in their right mind would do so?


Thoughts On A Sunday

Summer weather has returned to the Lakes Region, with temps in the 80's and high humidity. It feels more like July rather than mid-September. But I'm not complaining. It certainly has made for some nice boating, particularly now that the summerfolk are gone.

A few of the summer businesses are still open, at least on the weekends, but are shuttered during the week. Most of those will be closed by Columbus Day weekend as by then the leaf peepers will have moved farther south and the last die-hard boaters will be pulling there boats out of the water and getting them stored away for the winter.

One does have to ask where the summer went as it passed by so quickly.

Then again, it always does.


Just when I thought they couldn't get any stupider, they prove me wrong.

The latest bit of stupidity? Former NYT labor reporter Steven Greenhouse lamenting the signal sent by the Trump administration by allowing an 11-year old boy mow the Rose Garden lawn.

His claim? That it's “not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety.” Yeah, it's for the children, right?

What a maroon!


This is funny...but oh so true.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


One of the morning 'news' shows – it might have been GMA - went on about climate change, stating the oft debunked and quite misleading 'statistic' about how 97% of scientists agree that climate change is a fact. That in itself doesn't disturb me. What disturbs me is that it is implying that those 97% believe that it's humans causing climate change, but they aren't.

I certainly agree with the opinion that the climate is changing. What wouldn't I? Earth's climate is changing all the time and has seen drastic climate changes in its history. Ever hear of the cyclical Ice Ages? How about the Roman or Medieval Warm Periods, or the Little Ice Age? They all illustrate that Earth's climate changes, sometimes for short periods (a few hundred years) and sometimes for long periods (thousands or even millions of years).

But I don't agree with the premise that the most recent climate change, that being over the past 200+ years, has anything to do with us. Have we contributed to climate change? Yeah, probably. The most likely areas to see that effect is in metropolitan areas where the Urban Heat Island effect has great influence over the local climate. But global effects? Nope, I'm not buying it.

That it will lead to catastrophic climate change is one hell of a stretch as the 'trends' the CAGW alarmists like to use as proof positive are based on such a short period of time as to be useless. Their Global Circulation Models are so faulty that they don't even come close to matching what has actually happened. They also have been incapable of what's called “hindcasting”, using the models and starting their predictions during the latter half of the 19th century to see if they match the actual climatic conditions. (They didn't even come close, meaning they are seriously faulty.) Yet the CAGW faithful insist we must act on the basis of those models to reverse the 'damage' in order to save the Earth. Of course the suggested actions we must take will cause far more harm and damage than if we did nothing. It would also require trillions of dollars. (Notice that it always comes down to money?)

Personnaly, I think a somewhat warmer planet would be a more pleasant place to live.


In light of what I wrote just above, we must wonder whether natural disasters are on the rise. According to this piece the answer is “not really”.

One point that the post brings up is that the number of disasters reported went up, but the actual number of disasters likely has not, something that must be taken into account. One musn't confuse 'reported' with 'actual' as they aren't the same thing.

With better reporting and almost instantaneous global communications, disasters that would not have been reported in the past are now instant news, and that skews the perceived numbers of disasters even though the actual number may not have changed.


I have to admit that I do not like wind turbines. While the idea of them sounds great, they aren't a panacea for the ills 'created' by non-renewable energy sources. Moonbattery doesn't like them either, and for reasons with which I wholeheartedly agree.

They are hideous and mar otherwise scenic landscapes. They are economically inefficient. They generate a constant noise that drives people who live near them insane. They kill raptors, including the most beautiful of birds, eagles and hawks. They kill bats, which aren’t so beautiful, but keep the mosquito population under control. They are coercively subsidized with money Big Government confiscates from us. They are involved in boondoggles that allow crony capitalists to get rich by allocating wealth unreasonably after cozying up to slimy politicians. They are an immediately recognizable symbol of pure moonbattery. They remind those driving through the countryside that there is no escape from the P.C. ruling class and its demented mandates anywhere.

Another problem? They cause wildfires.

And others? They are expensive to maintain. They are usually located far away from where any electricity they generate is needed, yet there's little or no infrastructure to get the power where it needs to be. Their service life is a WAG at best and I think they won't have nearly the longevity many proponents think they will. They require heavy government subsidies which means we pay for the more expensive electricity they generate one way or the other. (Well, actually both ways – the direct cost and the tax subsidies.) They require a lot of land per MWh of potential capacity as the so-called 'plate capacity' is the maximum a turbine could generate if there were sufficient wind 24/7. The actual capacity is generally less than a third of that.

If these things cannot survive without heavy subsidies then perhaps we shouldn't be subsidizing them at all. If they're so great they should be able to make money without the help of the taxpayer.


It seems California is bent upon hastening its own demise, this time by the California legislature passing a bill that would make it a “sanctuary state”.

If Governor Moonbeam signs it, the I suggest Congress vote to suspend any federal money going to California in regards to law enforcement because the federal agencies will need it to enforce our nation's immigration laws.

Cap'n Teach asks a truly important question on this matter, that being “What about the citizens of California feeling safe from the influx of criminal aliens?”

We already know the answer to that – California's state government doesn't care about its legal citizens. It already taxes and regulates the bejeezus out of them and wants to add even more financial burdens upon them. It could be why California has been losing both residents and businesses – they leave the state before the state can take it away from them to give to a 'more deserving' illegal immigrant.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we await the rains from the latest hurricane/tropical storm remnant to arrive, try to get out roof finished before then, and make plans to get some more boating in before Columbus Day.


Thoughts On A Sunday

One might call this the Hurricane Irma weekend as it's “All Irma All The Time”, at least on the news.

Not that I'm tired of hearing about it, but the coverage could have easily been handled by recording many of the segments and replaying them on an endless loop with the occasional cut-ins for up to date information. The MSM could have saved a fortune and still had relevant coverage.

Far too often we saw scenes of their intrepid (but woefully stupid) reporters out in the midst of the roaring winds, driving rain and flying debris, doing exactly what they were warning their viewers not to do. I kept waiting for one of those wind-driven pieces of debris to take out a reporter on live TV, being flatted by a section of a roof or speared by a 2x4 or a shard of glass. While it would have been tragic, it would have served as a life lesson for the rest of the MSM.


A man comes home to find a naked woman he doesn't know in his bed and calls the police.

Smart man.


Ward Dorrity commenting on a post at American Thinker hits the nail on the head when it comes to things like 'social justice'.

Many of the dupes and useful idiots on the left claim that they are all for 'social justice' but most of them have no real idea of what that term really entails. 'Social justice' as the term is used today is a con game used by the clever to advance their personal wealth and egos, and by the ruling class as an instrument to destroy trust.

...the chief problem with the 'social justice' meme is that it is based upon a defective notion of human rights. 'Human rights,' after all, are the chief argument made by advocates for the imposition of social justice and the redistribution of wealth.


This is a low-rent way for the smug and the self-righteous to assert their assumption of moral superiority, as it neatly dodges - and in fact destroys - the larger questions of human dignity and aspirations.



I find this to be a bit of idiocy on the part of the media.

Florida residents call on Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter for hurricane victims.

Sounds like a good idea, right? There's just one teensie-tiny problem with doing that, that being that the area where Trump's resort is located has been ordered evacuated because the storm surge was expected to flood the area. What good is a shelter that's is going to flood when the storm surge hits?

I bet they didn't think about that, did they? Or maybe they didn't care. It was just one more thing that could be used against Trump, much like his personal contribution of $1 million to the Harvey relief efforts.

A lot of people complained that he didn't give enough. I have to wonder how many of the wealthy Democrat politicians opened their checkbooks and cut a check for $1 million? (Remember, the $1 million was his personal money, not government money. Then again, Democrats love telling other people what they have to do with their own money. They are also quite generous with other people's money. But it isn't often you hear of them donating their own money for things like disaster relief.


From Stacy McCain comes Remembering 9/11: Friday Fiction Special.

I have no words.....


Adrienne shows us why the so-called “Snap Challenge” is just so much bull pucky.

Explains Adrienne:

The first word of the acronym "snap" is supplemental.  It means that the money is to supplement your earnings in order to be a short term help in time of need.  It was never intended to be your entire food budget.

She goes on to explain that stated purpose of the challenge ignores a number of important facts and proves through grocery purchases of her own that she could easily meet the challenge even if she didn't use her own money. It's all about being selective with your purchases, avoiding junk food, and whatever your do, and don't go to a place like Whole Foods to buy your food because food is a hell of a lot more expensive there. (Most folks that I know who shop there are virtue signaling. How do I know this? Because they make sure to let me and others know that's the only place they buy their groceries. It has little to do with the supposed superiority of 'organic' fruits and vegetables.)


This explains a lot.

As Dave Blount at Moonbattery puts it, “This is the fate that awaits statists when the day inevitably comes that Big Government is not there to wipe their noses for them.”



And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where most of the summerfolk are gone until next year, the die-hards are hanging on until Columbus Day, where we don't have any hurricanes coming this way...at least not at the moment.


Bourgeois Values Versus Burning Man

It seems that the op-ed that UPenn law professor Amy Wax and fellow USD law professor Larry Alexander penned for the Philadelphia Inquirer keeps bearing fruit.

The op-ed laid out what bourgeois culture is, here's a brief synopsis provided by Trevor Thomas:

Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness.  Go the extra mile for your employer or client.  Be a patriot, ready to serve the country.  Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable.  Avoid coarse language in public.  Be respectful of authority.  Eschew substance abuse and crime.

That's it. Nothing shocking. Nothing too over the top. Nothing extreme. But to hear from a letter by 54 UPenn doctoral students, you'd think that these things are somehow “racist.” They even went so far as to try to tie the Wax/Alexander op-ed to the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. That's some darned convoluted thinking to be able to do that, or at least to attempt to do that. Then Professor Wax “doubled down in her defense of the bourgeois culture.”

Declaring Anglo-Protestant cultural norms superior, Wax told the student paper, "I don't shrink from the word 'superior.'"  She added, "Everyone wants to come to the countries that exemplify" these values.  "Everyone wants to go to countries ruled by white Europeans."  Furthermore, Wax made it clear – because when talking to liberals, one must always make this clear – that she was not implying the superiority of whites.  "Bourgeois values aren't just for white people."

In other words, as the professors' original piece concluded, "all cultures are not equal."  This is like saying "all pizzas are not equal," but such a conclusion flies in the face of the multiculturalism preached by the modern left.  And all cultures are not equal because all values are not equal.

Having been to a large number of countries around the world over a 20-year period during some of my younger days, I can attest to Wax's observations. There are some cultures, some values that are so reprehensible that they cannot be explained away or claimed to be as being equally valid as Western values.

Thomas goes on to show the dichotomy between the bourgeois values and those epitomized by the annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada, one that seems to extol debauchery and eschews many of the more common morals and ethics.

Read the whole thing.


Thoughts On A Sunday

Here it is, the last 'official' weekend of the summer season. It came upon us all too soon.

The weekend traffic has been insane. What's even more insane is that it started mid-morning on Friday. The traffic has made running some of my usual weekend errands difficult, so I've put many of them off until Monday.

One slight damper of the weekend has been the weather, with it being very windy yesterday and rain today. However Monday is supposed to be spectacular.


How many times over the past decade or so have we found out that all of the various types of food that were supposed to be bad for us weren't? How many times have the 'substitutes' we were supposed to use instead were found to be far worse for us that what they were replacing?

The latest “Oops, we got it wrong!” when it came to something that was supposedly bad for us: salt.

It turns out that, except for those who have high blood pressure or hypertension, a low salt intake can actually be bad for you.

Color me surprised...NOT.


It seems that no matter what President Trump does, it's never enough for the Left and the DNC-MSM.

The latest thing they're blasting him about?

That he only gave a million dollars of his own money to the flood relief efforts in Texas.

Really? And how much of their own money have they given in comparison? If I had to guess, the answer is “not much”. But then they are perfectly willing to give other people's money to the effort, so why should they spend their own?

Call it overt hypocrisy in action.


Also by way of the good professor comes this comment from one of his friends on Facebook about the rescue and recovery efforts in Texas: “It doesn’t take a disaster like Harvey to bring out the best in us; it takes a disaster like Harvey for the press to notice the everyday decency of most people.”

Indeed. Every day decency isn't newsworthy these days.


It's amazing how people's opinions can change once they can get past what the media has been telling them. In this case people in Houston who met President Trump have changed their opinions about him, including one person who posted on Facebook: “I think he's a wonderful man!”

Heads are exploding across the Leftosphere.


Who knew that a simple object like a banana peel could cause a widespread shortage of fainting couches at Ole Miss?

They sure don't make college students like they used to. These days too many of them need intense psychotherapy to cope with the real world. Maybe the need to skip college and check themselves into the nearest mental health facility because they sure as heck aren't ready for college.


One unexpected side effect of Hurricane Harvey?

It makes a clear case for nuclear power.

Refineries were shut down. Renewable energy sources (wind and solar) were offline. At least one chemical plant had explosions and fires because the cooling system used to keep them stored safely lost power. Twenty percent of the nation's oil production was shut down.

But the Texas nuclear power plants have been running smoothly.

The two nuclear reactors at the South Texas Project plant near Houston were operating at full capacity despite wind gusts that peaked at 130 mph as the Hurricane made landfall. The plant implemented its severe weather protocols as planned and completed hurricane preparations ahead of Category 4 Hurricane Harvey striking the Texas Gulf Coast on August 25th.

Anyone who knows anything about nuclear was not surprised. Nuclear is the only energy source immune to all extreme weather events – by design.

These plants were not like the Fukishima plants in Japan. The backups and the rock solid construction of both the reactors and the power generators made them shrug off the worst effects of the storm. They're still online. That can't be said of the wind and solar generation facilities.


And that's the news from a rather soggy Lake Winnipesaukee, where it's been a all day soaker, outdoor activities were curtailed, and where work on The Manse came to a screeching halt.


Leftists Decry Hard Word And Civility As "Hate Speech"

When I read the National Review post I linked in my previous post a bit closer, I realized I had forgotten to comment upon something that really made me shake my head in disbelief.

Were you planning to instruct your child about the value of hard work and civility? Not so fast! According to a current uproar at the University of Pennsylvania, advocacy of such bourgeois virtues is “hate speech.”

So inculcating your children with a work ethic and civility towards others is now considered racist/sexist/whateverist? (Yes, I made up that last word to cover a wide range of “isms”.) In what kind of twisted and drug-infested world can either of those two be considered “hate speech”? Are we all supposed to be rude slackers who haven't worked at anything more than difficult that ordering the fat-free decaf latte through a smart phone app? Or is all their work time taken up with being useless and unproductive SJW's “For the betterment of everyone who agrees with them?”

I dare you oh-so-concerned SJW's to tell these guys that hard work and civility is hate speech and tell me how it worked out for you.


Are Some Cultures Superior?

David P. Goldman asks the totally politically incorrect (but necessary) question: Are some cultures superior?

My totally politically incorrect answer: Yes.

But a better question that should be asked and answered again and again: Are all cultures equal?

The answer (not just my answer): Absolutely not.

Some cultures, including some in present day, were/are absolutely effin' evil. They flourished briefly, then die away because they were not sustainable. (Cultures that act more like death cults always destroy themselves in the end.)

This also beggars the question: Is cultural appropriation wrong?

No. Without cultural appropriation, cultures stagnate and whither away. But it seems that many of our college youth seem to think that cultural balkanization is desirable or even possible. The seem to forget that the very culture they live in has become what it is through cultural appropriation. It is by taking the best of each culture into our own that makes ours dynamic and ever changing. Remove that and our culture too will whither away and die. (It seems that's what many of those college nihilist want. Woe be unto them if they ever achieve their dream because they'll find that out it isn't all it's cracked up to be. In fact, I have no doubt that many of them would then pine away for “the good old days”.)

In any case, read Mr. Goldman's screed as well as the comments because you'll find a number of interesting things to ponder.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It was Old Home Day in our little town yesterday. It started with breakfast hosted by one of the local non-profit organizations at our village church, then a 5K road race, followed by a parade, and then the official start of the festivities at the community field in the village.

There was plenty to see, eat, buy, and sample along the 'midway' as well as games and contests for the kids, music from some of the local bands, and to top it all off, fireworks in the evening.

All in all, it was a good time had by all.


Have you ever wondered where political correctness came from?

I know I have. I've always seen it as a pernicious and viral sickness that has infected our society, replacing common sense and long used phrases and terms with things that offend everyone all in the name of trying to offend no one.

Ironically, the term itself came from a comic strip, meant as something of a joke. The problem is is that it is not a joke.

It is the great disease of our century, the disease that has left tens of millions of people dead in Europe, in Russia, in China, indeed around the world. It is the disease of ideology. PC is not funny. PC is deadly serious.

Read The Whole Thing.


I find this one a little heard to believe.

As much as I love my home state of New Hampshire, I think that US News & World Report got this exactly wrong.

US News & World Report rated states from best to worst. My home state was rated as #2, just below Massachusetts. If this had been the 'old' US News & World Report, I might agree with the rating. But over the past decade the magazine's ideological shift from center-right to left has me questioning their rating system. In more than one rating area, specifically government and crime & corrections, Massachusetts rated much higher than New Hampshire. I don't know for sure how the weighted these factors, but something seems off.

This is the same magazine that rated school systems in each state and rated the schools in our town at #6. Anyone living here would know that isn't the case as most would rate them as just above average. This is particularly galling considering that we have one of the most expensive school systems in the state.

Another useless article signifying nothing.


As the good Perfessor Reynolds asks again and again, “Why are Progressive Utopias such cesspits of racism?” In this case he's referring to Portland, Oregon driving away new residents of color.

At a lecture in Portland last October, Isabel Wilkerson—the Pulitzer Prize-winning author who wrote about the great migration of Black Americans from the south to the north—said that when people leave a place, it’s often a referendum on the very place they leave.

So then what does it mean when I, and other people of color (POC), walk away from Portland because we can no longer stomach its racism? What does it say about Portland and specifically, the failure of its liberalism?


When I lived in other more diverse US cities, I didn’t feel such a pressing need to talk about race. But in Portland, I often felt forced to do so because of the daily slights I, and so many other POC, experienced. It was taxing and unfair—especially on my partner, who rightfully missed the days when I wasn’t so obsessed with the topic. And thanks to living in many other cities, I also know that racism doesn’t exist in only one locale (or in one economic/educational class). But part of what makes it so tricky to be a person of color in Portland is that the city is often in denial about its racism because it’s so liberal and progressive on other issues.

So it turns out that the oh-so-tolerant city isn't so tolerant at all. It's racist as many Southern states during the height of the Jim Crow era, but just more subtle and backhanded. It's almost as if the denizens of Portland have never heard of Martin Luther King, Jr. or his dream that people “will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

So much for that.


And the hits keep on coming!

In this case the story about Trump's travel “bankrupting the Secret Service” touted by the various organs of the DNC-MSM have turned out to be...wait for it....FAKE NEWS.

While it sounded like it was true, it turns out the Secret Service has been having some budget issues since the beginning of Obama's first term.

Now I'm waiting for them to blame Hurricane Harvey on Trump...uhh...too late.


One of my favorite working men, Mike Rowe, schools a smug snowflake who had the audacity to call him a “White Nationalist”. As Mike states, the snowflake uses logical fallacies to 'prove' that Rowe is an anti-intellectual white nationalist. But what the snowflake shows is that he is instead a grossly misinformed and unthinking tool of his fellow snowflakes.

Writes Mike:

Since we’re being candid, allow me to say how much I dislike your post. Everything about it annoys me – your smug and snarky tone, your appalling grammar, your complete lack of evidence to support your claims, and of course, the overarching logical fallacy that informs your entire position. What really bugs me though, is the fact that you’re not entirely wrong. It’s true; I haven’t shared any political opinions this week, in part anyway, because doing so might very well be “bad for business.”

What can I say? I work for half-a-dozen different companies, none of whom pay me to share my political opinions. I run a non-partisan foundation, I’m about to launch a new show on Facebook, and I’m very aware that celebrities pay a price for opening their big fat gobs. Gilbert Gottfried, Kathy Griffin, Colin Kaepernick, Milo Yiannopoulos…even that guy from Google who just got himself fired for mouthing off. There’s no getting around it – the first amendment does not guarantee the freedom to speak without consequences. And really, that’s fine by me.

So no – I’m not going to share my personal feelings about Charlottesville, President Trump, or the current effort to remove thousands of statues of long dead soldiers from the public square. Not just because it’s “bad for business,” but because it’s annoying. I can’t think of a single celebrity whose political opinion I value, and I’m not going to assume the country feels any differently about mine. So, rather than blow myself up, or chime in with all the obvious observations about the cowardly scum in the pointy hats, I’m going to talk instead about my belief that comments like yours pose a far greater threat to the future of our country than the existence of a memorial to Thomas Jefferson, or a monument to George Washington. Ready? Let’s start with a closer look at your claims.

The rest of his response is a thing of beauty, something all of the other celebrities should take to heart. No one really cares what celebrities think, particularly Hollywood types. Their beliefs and endorsements mean nothing to me because, quite frankly, so many of them are ignorant and uninformed. They have absolutely no understanding of the rest of America, particularly flyover country.

Read the whole thing!


Jonah Goldberg serves up a heaping portion of STFU to the Entitled Loud Mouths.

They want to order off the Chinese menu of modernity, picking and choosing the dishes they like, while at the same time cursing the cuisine and the culture that created it. It’s like Hollywood lefties who crap on America, the only society in the world that could have ever made them incredibly wealthy for making movies about fart jokes. The universities infested by entitled little Jacobins are Western institutions, but every day the rabble take sledgehammers to the soapboxes they stand on. They take for granted their rights and privileges that derive entirely from the tradition they denounce. They think they are heroes in the real world, never realizing they are playing a game only made possible by the tradition they ignorantly claim to hate. And if they took the goals of the game and successfully applied them to the real world, they’d be the first to whine about how backward, unfair, and hard the world they created was. They have no real tradition to draw upon save the one they claim is oppressive and cruel. They literally speak its language, use its laws, and benefit from its institutions, while claiming to be part of something more authentic.

I wonder how many of them would really like living in a world where 'their way' became reality? I have a feeling that most of them would find themselves on the wrong side of the power curve and end up in Hell rather than their faux Utopia.

(H/T Granite Grok)


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is hanging on, we're glad that we aren't in Texas this week, and where the new football season starts in a couple of weeks.


The Lunatic Fringe Spin On Hurricane Harvey

I read this by way of Twitchy and I knew I could not ignore it. “This” is a Twitter post that proves that the lunatic fringe has gone over the edge. The topic of the tweet?

Hurricane Harvey.

Tweets Kate Aronoff:

A reminder for the next few days: Hurricane Harvey is not a natural disaster.

Oh, really? Then what exactly is it?

She goes further by blaming “capitalism and austerity” because “weather doesn't cause natural disasters.” Really? Then what does cause them? Or better yet, what is her definition of “natural disaster”?

The Stupid is strong in this one.


This Is How Science Is Supposed To Work

While I haven't vented about the ongoing Anthropogenic Global Warming debate for some time, it appears that one of the more recent posts on Watts Up With That has goaded me into doing so. The post which covers the New York Times editorial claiming that we should trust climate scientists because of the recent eclipse certainly had me scratching my head. How could the NYT in any way link the solar eclipse to the veracity of the warmist cabal? It's pretty lame, using an apple to oranges comparison but stating it's an apples to apples comparison.

I won't go into any details on the post as you can easily read it for yourself. But I will quote one of the comments in its entirety as it gets to the heart of the matter as to how science is supposed to work (emphasis in the original comment):

Definitions of Fact, Theory, and Law in Scientific Work from National Academy of Sciences Science uses specialized terms that have different meanings than everyday usage. These definitions correspond to the way scientists typically use these terms in the context of their work. Note, especially, that the meaning of “theory” in science is different than the meaning of “theory” in everyday conversation.

Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as “true.” Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow.

Hypothesis: A tentative statement about the natural world leading to deductions that can be tested. If the deductions are verified, the hypothesis is provisionally corroborated. If the deductions are incorrect, the original hypothesis is proved false and must be abandoned or modified. Hypotheses can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations.

Law: A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances.

Theory: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.

Source – https://ncse.com/library-resource/definitions-fact-theory-law-scientific-work

Not a Theory yet. They Skipped a Step somewhere, since the Hypothesis stage hasn’t been verified, tested or corroborated.

The “climate scientists” have discarded much of this, telling us instead to “Trust us. We're scientists!” instead of showing us their work, the algorithms they've used to run their calculations, or even the data and other factors they've used to come up with the conclusion that “We're all gonna DIE!” if we don't impoverish ourselves to stop climate change. They are sounding more and more like Professor Irwin Corey - The World's Foremost Authority, all the time. I wouldn't mind that all that much if they were nearly as funny as he was. While he used his scientific sounding gobbledygook to comic effect, the so-called climate scientists are serious, at least when it comes to making sure they keep receiving funding.

It would be nice if they got back to doing real science.


Thoughts On a Sunday

It seems the whole nation is focused on the upcoming solar eclipse, with some sections of ther country being inundated with eclipse tourists who want to experience totality.

While we will only see a partial eclipse here in New Hampshire, there are still plenty of people who will take time to watch it as it progresses.

Frankly, this kind of news is far more refreshing than the garbage we've been hearing from the MSM over the past 10 years or so.


Jerry Lewis has died at the age of 91.

He was always a part of my childhood, between his movies, TV appearances, and the Muscular Dystrophy telethon he hosted every Labor Day weekend.

Yet another part of my childhood and teen years has vanished.


So, violence committed by the far Left cannon fodder like Antifa is okay? So says the New York Times.

As Glenn Reynolds writes:

The press is happy to have people hurt, so long as it’s the right people. Remember this when they start their “have you no decency?” routine.



If this isn't a sign of the Apocalypse, it comes pretty damned close.

A new bill in the California legislature would imprison health care workers for using the incorrect pronouns for patients.

If it becomes law I expect it would be struck down, even by the Ninth Circus Court.

This is how far California has decayed. The lunatics are running state government.

I think from this point on, anyone leaving California for greener pastures should be screened for mental health. We don't need this kind of lunacy spreading any farther than it already has.


“We had to destroy the village in order to save it.”

While the above is an allusion to a classic phrase from the days of the Vietnam War, it still applies. The ctrl-left seem to have no problems using violence to get their way. Of course one has to wonder what will happen if they escalate the violence and the rest of us decide we're not going to take it anymore. I expect they'll need “a large supply of body bags”. (Yet another classical reference.)


What's really the reason more girls aren't drawn to STEM fields of study?

Could it be because men prefer working with things while women prefer working with people?

Some studies cited in the post linked to above seem to suggest that might indeed be the case and not gender bias, intentional or otherwise.


Colin Kaepernick is the gift that keeps on giving, in this case his disrespect for the national anthem has helped fuel an 8% drop in NFL game TV viewership. That the NFL got involved in politics by taking a position in opposition to a bill in Georgia that would protect religious liberty certainly didn't help things either.

Roger Goodell has got to go. He should have suspended Kaepernick. He should have kept out of politics, particularly the politics within the Bible Belt. He was a wuss when it came to Inflategate.

If the NFL wants to see its fans returning it should fire Goodell. That will show the fans that the NFL is serious about getting back to the business of football.


Daniel Greefield describes how civilizations fall. That he's seeing the evidence of moral decay here in the West, something that usually leads to civilizations falling, should worry everyone.

The ctrl-left and their cannon fodder – the college student robots and so-called 'Antifa' stormtroopers – are perfect examples of those working very hard to destroy the moral fabric of our civilization. Once that moral fabric is gone, the new barbarians will take over and everything that was once good will disappear. Western Civilization will fall. Anarchy will reign. We will enter a new Dark Age.


And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we're all getting ready for an Eclipse Party, some schools are opening, and where summer is passing by all too quickly.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a quiet weekend here at The Manse, between the somewhat wet weather on Saturday (meaning no real work outside), Deb being away visiting relatives in Vermont, and nothing much but chores to take care of today.

One of those chores has been cleaning out the garage, a task made more difficult due to a number of items in 'storage' for BeezleBub. Having to work around stuff he was supposed to have moved out months ago hasn't made the job very easy. At best I got about a quarter of the job done and the rest will have to wait until he moves his stuff out.


That the continuing 'pearl clutching' by the DNC-MSM over Donald Trump's remarks about the homicide in Charlottesville, Virginia by the motorist who ran down a number of anti-Nazi/white supremacists protestors, in this case not following the Progressive script, amuses me to no end.

That he cast a wide net in his remarks proved to the media that he wasn't taking it seriously, but they choose to ignore the hatred and violence committed by the anti-fa and far Left protesters that has taken place over the past seven months or so.

As more people that I have said again and again, if they didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all.


Ed Driscoll illustrates Heinlein's axiom about history, that being that those who ignore history have no past...and no future.

In this case it appears the New York Times has forgotten about the Bad Old Days in Soviet Union, looking back at it nostalgically as if it were some kind of paradise. Never mind the KGB, the gulags, the long lines for every day staples, and a long list of things the Soviets did to their own people.

It's like they're trying to whitewash the excesses and tyranny of the Soviets, in the process of making iot more palatable for the masses.

One has to wonder when they'll change their name to New York Pravda.


Sherlock Holmes explains why DWS IT scandal is not at the top of the news.



Yet another crisis to panic about in the EU:

A butter shortage.

A group that represents bakers in France, the Federation des Entrepreneurs de la Boulangerie, called the lack of butter a “major crisis” that may lead to a steep price increase of pastries, croissants and brioches.

“The price of butter, while certainly volatile, has never reached such a level before,” the group said in a statement. “Butter shortages appear to be a real threat by the end of the year.”

That's what happens when production of commodity goes down even as demand surges. It's Economics 101.


Do the folks at CNN need a refresher course in US geography?

One has to wonder because they couldn't seem to tell the difference between Charlottesville, Virginia and Charlottesville, North Carolina.


Considering Google's idiocy (and hypocrisy) in regards to the firing of James Damore for expressing his honest opinion about some of the corporate programs, most of my searches are now run on Duck Duck Go and Bing.

One of the WP nieces works for Google in the Boston area and, as liberal as she is, thinks that Google has done an incredibly stupid thing. She didn't disagree with anything Damore wrote, but said he could have been a bit less direct in his criticism. Here, I must disagree with her as sometimes only the direct approach works. If nothing else it has a lot of people both inside and outside of Google talking about the non-inclusive 'inclusive' social structure within the corporation.


And speaking if hypocrisy, there's this story about a writing conference being canceled because there weren't enough non-white writers who were going to speak at the conference.

If the conference, which was about writing young adult fiction, was supposed to be about anything other than writing young adult fiction, then maybe there would have been a point to canceling the conference. In fact, the organizers of the conference stated:

“We have set a goal for ourselves to be inclusive and to work toward equity, and we didn’t think the conference would live up to that mission,” Britt Udesen, executive director of the Loft, said Wednesday.

Then why call it a writing conference? It was anything but. According to the post, “More the 30 people of color had been invited to speak at the conference who declined the invitation.” So the problem wasn't that no one invited anyone that would have helped the organizers reach their “equity & diversity” goal. It's that all but one declined the invitation. Maybe they had more important things to do than attend a diversity circle jerk rather than a writing conference. You know, like maybe writing young adult fiction.


Here's yet another example of being forced to work against one's moral conscience and religious beliefs.

This story, taking place in Madison, Wisconsin, would be entirely different if the person involved were Muslim. But because person involved is a devout Christian, she gets no such pass. But at least the courts in Wisconsin seem to have a little more sense, saying the laws that would have forced this person, one Amy Lawson, a photographer, are not germane to her business because she is an artist without a physical storefront.

While a win for Ms. Lawson, it is still troubling because she found a loophole. But what of others without that loophole?

We have talked about this before. If you want someone to create something, the artist should not have to create things that are contrary to their beliefs. The Wisconsin law goes further than many states in that it also demands that people not turn down jobs based on political beliefs. That means a liberal copywriter would be forced to write a speech for Donald Trump. A Jewish graphic designer would have to design flyers for neo-Nazis. A pro-choice marketer would have to accept work from a pro-life group.



And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer rolls on, boating continues, and where yet another Monday approaches that's ruing a perfectly good weekend.